Chinese Prayer Wheels: The Main Beliefs and Symbolism Behind Them

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Chinese Prayer Wheels: The Main Beliefs
and Symbolism Behind Them
Chinese prayer wheels are available as prayer rugs and in various sizes and shapes. They are
made from various types of Joss materials including Joss Paper, Joss Sticks, Joss Stick and
Joss Stones. Joss Stone is a Chinese prayer material which is mainly used for worship of the
Gods and Goddesses 马来西亚香批发商. Joss Paper is also used for worship but of a more spiritual nature. The
materials used for prayer rugs and carpets are porous and non absorbent in nature, so they are
suitable for use in temples and other places where space is limited and there is need for extra
Joss materials.

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Joss Stone is usually used for incense and it is often burnt as incense and the fumes move
around in the air to create a calming effect and provide comfort to the person who uses it. Joss
Stick prayer wheels are mostly used for candles, and they too create a wonderful effect in the
surrounding environment. The colors in Chinese and Joss Stone are usually very light and floral
and this makes them suitable for use as Chinese prayer wheels. You can also use Joss Sticks
for decorating your home.
Joss Stone has a long tradition of being a popular material for Chinese praying wheels and
carpets. The Joss Stone god of wealth holds high significance in both religious and secular
traditions in China. Joss Stone was also the god of water in ancient times. Today, Joss Sticks or
Joss Paper is used by Chinese as prayer wheels. They are usually made of solid Joss Stone
with hollow centers for the Joss Sticks to rest on.
Joss sticks and joss stones are basically a worship item for the Chinese culture. Many Chinese
people believe that the Joss sticks should be kept in temples for luck and fortune while most
stones are believed to bring wealth and prosperity to the people. They are sometimes made to
resemble the moon, sun, rainbows, the ocean, lightning and other mythological creatures.
Chinese believe that these Chinese prayer wheels are sacred and are closely linked to the
religion and culture of China.

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Chinese people also like to use other materials used for making their prayer items. Examples of
these materials include paper, silk, embroidery, bamboo, fruits, vegetables, grass, wood and
many other natural materials. Chinese people also like to use crystal and porcelain materials for
their prayer items. They believe that crystal and porcelain to give the person a special ability to
see spirits and they therefore use these materials for making their Chinese prayer wheels.
Porcelain is often used for Chinese wheel prayer wheels because of its hardness and hence it is
said to be more stable than most other materials. However, porcelain is also said to be very
expensive. A good quality porcelain wheel is usually very expensive. Chinese people also make
use of bamboo and grass for making their wheels because they are cheaper than porcelain.
The tradition of using wheels for praying originated from the Buddhist religion in which
practitioners used to ask for help from deities or angels through a small metal disk or stone that
was placed before them. These people then pressed this disk against their forehead as a form of
praying. Wheels were later used by Chinese people to move their prayer wheels on a regular
basis from one place to another.

There are many Chinese prayer wheels that have different designs and they are all used to offer
some form of blessing. Chinese people also use these wheels for Feng Shui, which is an ancient
form of energy and belief. They believe that these wheels will bring them good luck and
abundance in their lives. Some of the most famous Chinese prayer wheels are the dragon and
snake ones. These wheels are traditionally circular and have either a lion or tiger on the top.
Some people use horizontal prayer wheels for their prayers while some use vertical ones.