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Some years ago five inmates of the Hotel des Invalides,
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cicatrices left by such ulcers have necessarily a similar
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neath Dorchester Bay, to Squantum, and tlience through
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to announce the modern theory of there being several
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or of cystitis, and consequent infection from these sources,
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cords to the splint. The use of the arch O is to maintain
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lowed by considerable haemorrhage, which, by filling the-
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the appearances found in salivary glands of this type,
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ment of the pustules of variola and the viscous foci and
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joint, and in this location the number of tendons involved
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occurring in consequence of infection with pus microbes,
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cal confusion. The onlj' morbid conditions with which
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from the invariable presence of uric acid, leucin, and
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which have been made in regard to it, that it may prop-
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cuspid, is the largest tooth in the lower jaw. Its crown
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THE Compounds op Sodium. — From the close chemical
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tion of this phenomenon. Traumatic or simple, acute or
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through the sound attached skin from within outward, as
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im olanzapine and benzodiazepines
is explained by the direct or reflex spasms of the sphinc-
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from twenty to thirty centimetres long, and two or three
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apply the knowledge gained as to the correct etiology of
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means of very small nerve-flbres extending from the
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This bark contains, as its only valuable derivative, Sa-
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globoid, annular, sessile, or pedunculated, which may-
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mation, and pain on use ; as the patient usually expresses
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tic, like potassa, but to a somewhat inferior degree. Soda
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the lower extremities, but it may attack the four extrem-
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Petrow, in the cases examined by him where the sympa-
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The placenta may be the seat of a diffuse or circum-
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occur. In chronic osteitis of even slight extent a tuber-
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everywhere be found to be of a veiy dark color, some-
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practically useful. Alison found that when water was
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which it may be employed, for the saving of mother and
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by an automatic swirl of water from a valve set below-
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Diagnosis. — The diagnosis of acute spinal meningitis
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vision at a distance ; a presbyope wearing glasses for
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it will be revealed by ability to overcome a prism with
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is to be met with mild ferruginous preparations, well di-
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rhomboid shape. These cells can be easily demonstrated
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the crown. Its coronal surface is convex from side to
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and micrococci, surrounded by coagulated fibrin and
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including cephalalgic, aphasic, paretic, paraplegic, -and
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