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formed by his nephew, the Archbishop of Canterbury.
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treatment in my cases during the past twelve years with
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liquefies gelatine. The bacterium Caspicum 02 was obtained
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on the subject, and one, the Irish Times, devoted several
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before they joined the general circle. No case of roseola was
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the extent of the outbreak, the measure of i^revention locally
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tension system is able to render most useful aid, the dele-
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Coutie, Quaife, G. A. Marshall, West, Hood, Payton, Mc-
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once taken away. There must be a very real danger of hernia
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formed, and the patient in about two minutes commenced to
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Florence (which is made from the silk-producing glands of
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six months. Salary, £10 for first six months, and £2.t for second sis
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nital, can be discovered before a man is taken on, whereas the
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with the existing Perthsliire Branch; while at the same
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dence as leported was to the ellect that Dr. Freeman, of Blackfriars Road,
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cian. His fame in respect to antiseptic midwifery was well re-
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they would not overweigh the positive evidence of the Fick
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Dr. Bury's scepticism of the truth of the reflex theory. The
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mas's Hospital ; *C. R. Hodgson, Guy's Hospital and private study;
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. ConsultiDg Surgeon to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.
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St. Mary's Hospital ; W- B. Jones, St. Bartholomew's Hospital ; C.
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in this disease. For vernal catarrh the author says he knows
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by the companies from the Thames and the Lee, stating that
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inoculation and communication also to the mother, probably
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tion by the Council of the Association must send in their
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the microbe acquires the maximum of its contagious power
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Hompe, Lindberg, and other distinguished botanists on the
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injected, followed by a still further fall of blood pressure,
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found to be in the vagina, therefore removed ; cervix fully dilated, occu-
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Colonel de Rochas), to unmask the fraud, deception, and
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smart prevalence of cases lately in Kensington. The West
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child is too feeble-minded to be allowed to attend a public
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cultural interests. All who are interested in this subject
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perature of not less than 230° F. It is unnecessary to go
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recommended him to wear soft pads over the inner aspect
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since 1883, the year in which Dr. Spooner's scale, drawn up
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been very numerous in a small piece which had hypertrophied to carry
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signed the memorial in Dr. Daunfs favour, which contained

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