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came to the conclusion that the action of the biceps-mus-
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An Office Thief. — Dr. A. H. Friedenberg, of this
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was an event never to be forgotten. The anaesthetic was ether,
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them, and the professional mind seems to be waiting the
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August 11. Paracentesis; 30 c.c. of clear fluid removed.
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every case of lacerat<'d cervix, as the pajxr under dia-
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neighbors and friends, unless he desires it, which he probably does not.
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wards were crowded and filthy, the bed-clothes were grimy ; flies were
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operation, and courses of inquiry, which must in the minds
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and radial arteries revealed arterial sclerosis. These vessels ap-
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province, for the prevention of disease among man and
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extent, or was spreading with such rapidity, as in the
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of the breast. It was an extensive operation, and before the
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breath, and examination of the chest showed that the right lung had
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worms Were mnch more numerous than Ute amalltr uues. Tljt.v t
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in a case of gastric bleeding, whether from an ulcer or after
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fibrin. Wandering cells or pus-cells are present in the fibrinous layer and in
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flatter myself I have a new and valuable confirmation
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of some murderous act even upon their own children.
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radical ; and as attribntes they might be expressive of.
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before entrance; 1, shock after craniotomy; 1, apoplexy; 1, heart disease;
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plant is dry, and kept in close stopped bottles. — The inspis-
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lar, or form rings encircling islets of healthy skin.
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classes, namely, the true proteids insoluble in hot water; gelatinoids,
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send the patient to bed, and let him have the advantage
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consideration vary according to the circumstances under which it is de-
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of the sixth and seventh cranial nerves, and twenty-four hours later also
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it is also almost certain that there is a diminished power of ex-
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Ca7ises. — Are often seen in young, over-grown horses, seem-
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used under chloroform, slipped time after time into the trachea,
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will notice that these needle-holders are copper-plated, which is for
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ciation" is by Dr. Emsha Harris, an enlightened and practical sanita-

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