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The Biochemical Laboratory of the University of IllinoiSf and Stanford Medical
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but examples are comparatively rare. Referring the reader to treatises on
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It is important, with reference to proper management, for the ph3'sician
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extends over the whole of the meninges of the cord, but it is limited to a
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be abundant, blood will be likely to be found beneath the arachnoid, or,
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In sagittal series medial to the genu these bundles are always
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heart. A striking case of sudden death, the only pathological conditions
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with its being a portio ophthalmici profundi. There is, how-
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some of the muscles of the hand are primarily affected. The muscles
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is generally more or less marked. The anaemia is, doubtless, measurably,
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In most cases the cancerous affection is circumscribed, but occasionally
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more especially from the liver and spleen, and from an indura-
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bundle of fibrils which, issuing from the head, passes between
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of the vagus passes along the cranial side of the concha. It
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knowledge, we must confess ignorance of the process or processes by
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accompanied by oxaluria. It may happen, however, that the calculi
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existence of an hydatid tumor had not been suspected. In some cases
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forty drops three times a day in a tablespoonful of water, effected a cure
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trigeminal motor root and the semilunar ganglion, and sufficiently magnified so
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sometimes so inconstant that one should be very careful to attrib-
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joints are liable to be attacked successively and irregularl3\ Not infre-
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The duration of the relapse varies between three and five daj's. It is
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with the opinion of these authors. Holmgren (17) observed besides,
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minahs clusters, and they come within- one or the other of these
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ters and intensity. Three varieties are generall}^ recognized by writers,
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elimite patient handout
The data for this determination are given in table 1, and I
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Pressure with the finger upon some of the foregoing points may not only
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the facial canal. In an abstract of an article by DeGaetani ('06)
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tion, viz., exudation of lymph, formation of false membrane, and some-
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Proceeding to notice the S3anptoms which make up the clinical historj^,

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