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have known it, however, to be foimd only scattered along the processes
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In order to compensate for this loss of nutritive material by the
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but the pulse was quiet (88 to 96). I found some duh ess
attacks of pain may be localized either in the head, in the sides of the
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pital during the year 1891. The patient died a few days after admission
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precious gifts in greater decree, or use them more sp'endidly, 1, a unit
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tion with a view to reporting to their superiors, and they gave
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have signified their intention of taking part in this discus-
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There can be no doubt that this fever is produced ia the early stages
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system. There can be little doubt that the medullary sheath has for
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occur in the course of a disease, those symptoms camiot be essentially
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CANCER HOSPITAL (Free), Fulham Road, S.W.— Honorary Pathologist
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gation has been employed the patient subsequently has a painless
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even groaning, according to the size of the bronchial tube in which
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of the affected joints, by splints or evea by starch bandages. These
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This grape sugar is always at hand for the use of the muscles, for
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propo'^e that, as in the Royal Engineers and Army Service Corps, a sur
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pumber of fever beds at their disposal to a minimum of 4. .500.
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think that the rigid rule as to the non-communication of the
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called McBumey's point, localized at the intersection of a line drawn
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cause of venous engorgement occurs in the pulmonary circulation,
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patient coming under my observation at the Throat Hospital.
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Owing to the importance of early recognition of the condition, we
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special division has been made by some neurologists and termed
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These principles find also special applications in scarlatina and in
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it may be disseminated by persons who are actually not sick with it;
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Liberal. Arrangements will be made for those who wish to
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the eminent artistes who gave their service were Madames
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been at pains to extract from the register of the small-pox
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state of helpless tremor. This was not at all from fatigue, but simply
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of the mucous membrane of the air-passages from the pharynx
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then cause death by sudden edema of the glottis, which happened to
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implicated, as if the affection were really a gliosis, involving especially
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