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Messrs, W, B, Hilliard and Sous, Glasgow; Mr, J, Hick, Leeds; Mr. C.

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means is very great, while the introduction of the catheters or bougies

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quickly fatal to yoimg dogs, while old dogs are but little affected by this

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open, that the number of corpses buried in each has varied

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showing a willingness not only to adapt their buildings to suit

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at Ayr on June 9th. Dr. Wylie, of Stewartou, was chosen

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-^ V ■ • -^ * '^iv'T >v: jLor.e could make; of the effects of

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The mortality in this infection is not high, usually less than 7 per

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Molluscum Contagiosum limited to the back of the hands, in

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cold, nor was any such case to be met with in the literature

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expenses arose for instruments and utensils for macerating, boiling,

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perhaps all the more enjoyable for this alteration, and greater

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He was examiner in Materia Medica at the Royal College

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a pain, always referred to the same spot, and, though he looked quite

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Sir,— As my name is mentioned by Mr. Jackpon Clarke id'

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The second class are those by which communication is indirect

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puscles, along with palpitation of the heart, and a more or less pro-

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subject to check or rule by those above them. Thus, as we have al-

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for diagnosis in the early states of phthisis is an examination of the

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request of the notifying practitioner or under exceptional circum-

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"their subsequent multiplication, while at the same time it

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E. -HouseSurgeon. Board and lodging provided. Applications to

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The sites of the existing hospitals average about ten acres

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prone to be carried off by puhnonary edema in pneumonia. They

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severe case the red meats should be abstained from altogether, or, at

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opinion that attendance on six cases was insufficient and not

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of which are located in the aorta and in the coronary arteries, and

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cord tied tightly about the body. Examination may then show that

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(i) Pains due to inflammation; (2) pains due to pressure; (3) pains

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rounded and of containing fluid. On the other hand, a gall-bladder

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