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salivary glands, (b) Symmetrical enlargement of the lacrimal glands

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quires for any purpose any anesthetic, chloroform should be used, as

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sad the number and size of the spaces in which the extravasation has

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The meter pump is so constructed as to deliver one stroke out of

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some of the products of inflammation, or by contagion.

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tends to increase the probability, that the presence of oxygen in

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the air may then be again compressed as before, by clos-

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epilepsy by aeetanilid. Pittsburgh M. Rev., 1893, vii, 0.—

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plished by the proposed amphitheatre at the hospital

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been the very late period of the disease at which the

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prove useful in diagnosis, I take the liberty of quoting them : —

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preliminary medical study, and for the shaping of the scientific

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fn>m draft. Enough will always be ready to volunteer their services

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that the pneumonic process shall run a favourable course towards

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diuretics) the hypersemia may certainly extend jyer coniinuita-

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Abdomen. Rounded, generally tj^mpanitic, except for slight dulness in

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conclusion that we had had an epidemic of influenza.

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contagious diseases in particular. If the general symptoms in these

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quantity of ethyl alcohol sure to cause death within

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tient to drink freely of bland liquids to flush the kidneys.

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camp. But it is really no stranger. Modern hypnotism is

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cases which should be placed in the same group for comparison. The

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to avoid the the cicatrices which remain after small-pox. I had oc-

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The study, involving county, state and specialty societies, the AMA, and other related organizations,

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Pearce Bailey presented, through the courtesy of Dr*

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and Materia Medica in the Jefferson Medical College, Phila-

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largely a series of lymphatic vessels in a place close to another which is vield-

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nervous system. These phenomena may be said to constitute the patho-

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die, for it is not a disease the symptoms of which can be

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special statistics of the fifty-eight cases reported above.

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instances the question was chiefly one of nervous influ-

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gestion of the bronchial mucous membrane with nervous

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antiseptic, stimulant and astringent application to indolent

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patient turned on one side or the other and ofl" the back as much as

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have Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. The grade depends upon the

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