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1 — iiif niile disease, 4 — d:.sease of the liver, 1 — iuHamm ition of the lungs, 3 — marasmus,

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The above formula is a fair example of many of the so-

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work they have failed to use the most favorable medium for growth

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and have the opportunity to earn passive income. Mergers can provide an average

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specially, since no ready-made boots were broad enough for her. In

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at Waco, Texas, where the division was organized in August, 1917.

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lung. On the following day, the physical signs were

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have the thing myself, and if I, why not will encounter disorders of menstruation,

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freely given, the urine having been rendered alkaline. But that the liability

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motility are dependent upon lesion of the same central organ,

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Dr. Meacher : How can a bandage assist uterine contraction

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involving the most diverse dynamic disturbances or organic

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08, and temperature 104^ On the following day, after profuse

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purpose Craig recommends a small soft or hard rubber

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contra^ the glands are often the seat of scrofula without the coexistence

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districts which realize the most good from them are those

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bacillus, leading to so-called anemic necrosis. Thus, necrotic crusts (sloughs)

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often examined post-mortem ; no gross lesions have been found ;

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be more or less affected. There was no cardiac pain, but the existence of

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as to the accuracy of Avhat he had done. So, too, on alighting from an

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ones, the affection has been distinguished as nervous asthma ; but, with

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Case IV.* — General Acute Meningitis supervening on Pleuro- Pneumonia.

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numbers of patients operated on at different ages ran thus : —

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Head. The hair is abundant and normal. The eyes are normal, the

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who hold that second attacks are rare. Measles in cities is in a certain

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seem to be pretty well established, and these investigators

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