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The third essential for the practitioner as a student

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■atory or naaralgio, of the neck of the bladder and the prostatic portion of the

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be or become torpid, dull, or stupid. But I do not think that the poe*

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by the name of hipu!in, proposed for it by the late Dr. A. \\ Ivt> of

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firom the bites of venomous snakes. Sometimes in prolonged syncope,

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it is also cultivated for osc. Though it has been introduced into our

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They may be included under the heads of the emoiional and the sensa-

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the ancients believed, that the internal heat might be raised,

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triturates of the hundredth potentiality in his waist-

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ice and water, the times of cooling were observed and noted

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function by excess of excitement, and beyond anything that it would be

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tient has indulged his great thirst. The pulse is now very feeble, the ex-

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nitrogenized body, with feeble basic properties, crystallizable, of a slightly

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goes on, in an alternation of lessening comfort and increasing misery, to

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that there is also an effect on the invading organism? Is there

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does upon the waters of the ocean ; and that the diseases oc-

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knowledge with exercise, and without exhaustion and fatigue ;

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considered that, if it exist at aJl in valerian uneombincd, it cannot be in

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tum, or employed endlfRically. One cause, no doubt, of the greater

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grains, giTcn in eacb intermission. The ordinary miasmatic intermittent,

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Jaundice on the doctrine of signatures, which implies a certain relation

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IB veadilj dissolved by muriatic acid; and, when first formed, consists of

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enco. as any other meiiicine. It is, however, in these respi^cts. much in-

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I. General ObscrTationfli an^ dlTiiion into the Mucilagixtous, Sicoharine, and

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in a considerable number of officinal preparations.

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the blood, and thus act evei-y where by direct contact.

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and host under the right circumstances; it seems to me we can

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«nd the idea suggested itself to a German physician of the name of

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never got over that shyness, that difHdence, against

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gronnd of experience. In the SL Louis Medical and Surgical Jbum.

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sequences, and is actually necessary in the present state of

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best articles that we can exhibit for quickening the digestion

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aeiiraUe heterologoiis formation, quinia proves, as I hare often wit-

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