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to be affifted in the a£t of copulation, ibid. Cautions to be

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tration of strophanthus is indicated, and the effect may be hastened by" its

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which lines the internal cavity of the nofe, and there

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bronchiole marked I. This divides into two respiratory bronchioles only

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('ihi vero esse dehent ex Us, qiii-facile concoquunlur, qui ma.rtme

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supplied with blood ; and, second, that impairment of nutrition of any

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typical lupus has followed inoculation have been recorded. The lesions

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dying during the active stage of the disease consist in very important

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of bed-side and theatre clinics. Members of the profession attending the

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which will l>e given from May 23rd to 28th, 1921. The fee for courses 1, 2 and I]

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in the legs, numbness of the skin of the pretibial area and occasionally

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of carbohydrates, no fats or proteins being allowed, and the meal should

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less. A pill, containing 1 gr. of blue pill, 1 gr. of acetic extract of

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Watson, C— "The Role of Auto-Intoxication or Auto-Infection in Mental

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with a sharp-pointed scalpel, and an aspirating needle inserted to

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about very actively. Finally these flagella, bursting through the delicate

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periments of this kind, made in the prefence of the

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cinoma of the liver, and the remarkable fact comes out that no case lived

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vessels become gradually blocked. Tuberculous growths have been met

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resulting from terminal causes such as infections so often obscured the

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courage ; but on the other hand they derive from it

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in the nodules, and can be recognised by appropriate staining.

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calcium whatever, others being of the same density as the surrounding

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in discovering bacilli in milk where inoculation experiments have pointed

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results in all types have been most encouraging. We feel satisfied that

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fibrinous peritoneal exudations of amoebic dysentery (Osier).

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