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Director of tlie I.,ihoratory of the Department of Clinical Medicine,
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both maternal and foetal, was appalling. It had been
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Vol. XCII. No. 4. NEW YORK, JULY 23, 1910. Whole No. 1651.
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guished and lucid writer are even more valuable. The French school (with
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clavicle and the important structures which are near it, severe compli-
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tion it produces a death equivalent to that resulting from hemorrhage, which
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for energetic action seems to be most urgent, and that much more ought
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other almost entirely, loose in the wound. He brought the fragments
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Physical examination : Tall young man. Very thin and
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a softer, anchovy-sauce-like fluid. The walls of the cavity were dense
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Hartnett, E. H., Major, Medical Corps. Ordered to Fort
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wide open. Subsidence of the pain after application of
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advance into the zone of explosion until the ventila-
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infection and of the incubation and infective periods.
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to five inches from its junction wdth the cajcuin and
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right eye were the levator palpebrae, abducens, obli-
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Curiously enough, the slant eyed Oriental is afraid
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thus has a chance to recuperate and regain its tone
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ease is of the nature of an acute microbic infection,
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but here the sensory impulse could originate in the
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nique presents no special points of difference from that ordinarily adopted.
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with the assistance of the gynecologist, it was found in the great ma-
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The tip of the forefinger is passed around the tip of
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large pancreatic cyst which for a long time, because
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the confirmed habitue of the laboratory, but must be
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auilid and cold-cream ointment, from forty to eighty grains to the ounce,
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out the fact very clearly that there are other factors at work in the
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and spread subsequently only two or three inches down the thighs and arms.
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and flushed with the solution, thus lessening the lia-
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operation. Two methods of procedure are open in operating. Preferably
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try, for example. The present attitude of physiologists in regard to the
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sured me he felt strong. I had Dr. Jonathan Wright see
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und Heilanstalten in Deutschland, Oesterreich-Ungarn,
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and Institutions which for more than ninety-seven years we have been

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