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who claim Priessnitz, the apostle of cold water, as their leader. This
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medical practice with the changes and advances in all matters
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Btiology. —Bacteriology. — Septicemia is due to micrococci which
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shows a sudden increase of 0.2° C. at the moment the individual is
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when aroused by irritating the cold points, is lightning-like. The sens&
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larged mesenteric glands sometimes, are present. These conditions are
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Forty years ago I drank clarets and the other lighter wines
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urally antiseptic, and this undigested mass passes to the colon.
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This explanation of the rise of temperature in fever is of immense
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Treatment. — If the child is weak and debilitated see that
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I have before given the definitions of metabolism, katabolism,
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which of these two methods is pursued, yet my own experience leads
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Do they know? The surgeon says, "There is nothing to tell

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