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as it does so also protects the living tissue beneath.

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lom RatcliflT Criminal Abortion and Some of Its Growing

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tubercle bacillus. It is certain that in many cases probably

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in the county all of which were under strict quarantine.

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The bronchial nodes are probably invaded by microorganisms

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limbs been sacrificed nor has there been a case of very severe

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stanch defenders in the controversy as to whether it is harmless

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other symptoms of portal congestion. The dangers attend

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Strict quarantine must be immediately established the health

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and constitutional symptoms the usual duration being six to twelve

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Osier gives the following table showing the organisms causing the

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Grand Saline read a paper on Membranous Croup which

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The fifth case was one of typical perforation blood pressure

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pleuritic membrane is opaque congested and ecchymotic. It may

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E. M. Holmes Boston Medical and Surgical Journal March

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Plague Pandemic E. California State Journal of Medicine

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in such cases the mortality also may be higher on that side.

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occur together. These cases however are in the minority and

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satisfaction. The support and pad are removed at night. The

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he had undertaken a series of experiments to determine if pos

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During the last outbreak of smallpox in this city persons

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