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Here is a brief listing of some of the principal books on this subject puiblished in the past two decades.

Two important books that discuss the Biblical passages referencing homosexuality are John McNeill's The Church and the Homosexual (4th ed., ISBN 0-8070-7931-6, $14), and Daniel Helminiak's, What The Bible Really Says About Homosexuality (ISBN 0-9624751-9-X, $9.95). McNeil’s book takes a scholarly, detailed approach, and is for those readers who want to exhaust the interpretation of scripture and the rationale behind it. Helminiak's book is shorter, easier to read, and much less detailed in justifying his interpretations. So you may want to use his book as a first read, and reserve McNeill's book for a subsequent read.

Three daily meditation books written for gay/bi/lesbian readers have a diversity in approach and content: Amy Dean, Proud To Be (ISBN 0-553-37282-3, $8.95); Chris Glaser, The Word Is Out (ISBN 0-06-063134-1, $12); and Gary Stern, A Few Tricks Along The Way: Daily Reflections For Gay Men (ISBN 0-89594-726-9,$12.95).
Glazer's is the most scripturally based book. The other two are based upon a variety of writings. Stern's book also has some handsome
photographs in it in addition to the daily meditations.

Other recommended books related to spirituality are Chris
Glaser's autobiography, Uncommon Calling: A Gay Christian's Struggle To Serve The Church (ISBN 0-664-25659-7, $19.99) and Dannion Brinkley's two books, Saved By The Light (ISBN 0-06-100889-3,$5.99) and At Peace With The Light (also $5.99, both published by Harper Spotlight). The Brinkley books are
not about being gay, though he does discuss his work with gay AIDS patients in the second book. The topic here is after-death experiences (Brinkley died twice and came back to life both times), life after death, our spirits, goals while on earth, etc.

Other important books are Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul (ISBN 0-06-016597-9,$25, hardback); Peter Gomes, The God Book (Gomes is a gay Harvard Professor in the Divinity School); James Boswell, Christianity, Social Tolerance And Homosexuality; and James Nelson, Embodiment: An Approach to Sexuality and Christian Theology.

by Larry P.


The Gay Married Men's Association of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area