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involved after extension to it of a retinitis or choroiditis.
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the irritation may be transmitted more directly by the
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tendon. It is very seldom performed, tenotomy being
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operative wounds falling, in most cases, in the latter class.
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i.e., sandy soils superimposed on sandstone, marls on
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Isolation. — No matter how absolute the protection af-
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sive flow, nearly all of which is ejected, must be injuri-
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larger joints rest in bed should be enforced. This treat-
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necessary to maintain this proportion in every direction ;
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spine," it has very justly been said that " railway brain"
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complishes little, since the damage is done at the moment,
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centigrams (from two-tenths to nine-tenths of a grain) of
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be on the lookout for cerebral symptoms. Optic atrophy
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7. The earth or ashes after use in the closets to be deposited at ,
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pyramidal, four-sided, slightly curved, about half a cen-
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normal ; in the right auricle and ventricle a firmly coag-
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occur at any age. When occurring in childhood it par-
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after which the peridental membrane quickly resumes-
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for sugar in China, and very slightly in the United States.
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with extensive tissue-loss will often assume singular pos-
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stance proves to be such, as surmised by Mr. Falck, who
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pepsin goes on as long as digestion continues, and Lang-
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cesses ; nevertheless it would be gratuitous, at present,
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local applications to the exanthem on the surface of the
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partly albuminous and partly mucous cells. The sub-
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spreading into the neighboring tissues, they give rise to
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many pronounced cases of stuttering the tongue and lips
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is the largest of the three, and underlies the two internal
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secretions of the stomach, or which inhibit its peristole,
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nuclei form the centres of two segmentation spheres or

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