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•,• Our readers well know that Dr. Gordon had the high

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it may be hoped for the credit of our Profession — more free

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and was thence conveyed home. He was at once seen by Dr.

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Action of Light upon the Skin of Animals — Pigmenta-

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posit. The pleura also is very liable to be affected ; when recently so,

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University, has recently returned from an extended trip abroad,

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Coma, Delirium, and Mania. — Drowsiness, apathy, and coma are

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In medicine, each has his preference for this or that med-

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The mortality, however, is not great, averaging 5 or 6 per cent. Deatli

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irrigated. We had long felt the need of this, and it

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nurses, students, and clinic secretaries, and so far I

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gen may be used as a palliative to relieve the attacks of spasmodic

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always be removed by some gentle laxative, such as Castor Oil

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upper end lay 2"3 ctms. above the symphj'sis pubis, and in the

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the antrum into the middle nasal meatus. The contents of

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point, striking and instructive. The Salem delusion

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gation, and scientific medical acquirements, has obtained a wide-spread and merited pop-

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he had another attack of diarrhcca in which mucus, but no blood, was

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rather than high moral standard as our guide, then we may agree with the

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