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with pathologists in general one has up to now doubted this interpre
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The iniant in question had no cerebral mass. The roof of orbit
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often indicated and in obstinate instances the condition should be treated
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ence of action on the part of those adhering to either the
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teaches and teaches all the more forcibly that it ended in
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of Edinburgh has left for Spain in company with Drs.
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the island. The larger particles are rounded. This hyaline sub
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disease causation and teaches fundamental principles of disease control. The course
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endorsement of many members of the medical profession. We feel
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to a strong cellular reaction with lymphocytes multinuclears
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raised such large flaps of skin. If only one end was kept
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addition of salvarsan to the blood serum. The reasons for employ
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these are the cases that may do well under ordinary rest
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animal triste. In thirty eight cases twelve patients would not
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more marked when attempts were made to place weight on the limb
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the year just ended it would seem that little or nothing was given
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meagre fund of knowledge respecting the pathological basis of uraemia
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Occasionally the subclavian artery pierces the scalenus
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There are several affections which may be correctly termed either
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use of appropriate remedies. Indeed if this is not done the most
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to begin the treatment of windgall is in the early part of the
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obstruction due either to pancreatic pressure or intestinal
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too long continued it is tonic and bracing it improves
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be renredied. I refer to the lack of proper nursing and
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treatment fails and particularly in those cases accompanied by vis
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for professional duties how is it with Allopathists Are they not in
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success and increasing reputation would tend each year to bring cases to
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given in three of which large quantities were taken.
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nuUiparous woman small and circular looking downwards and
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the splenic flexure and at the last kink at the left pel
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appearance of coagulated blood. An aqueous solution of
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serve to him his property He may err in judgment in
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might have disappeared as the general nutrition and
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chocolate brown in thin layers and under the microscope shows
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excess of sugar. We should always keep in mind that the pre
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uf practical experience but not SO well to the gaining
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tion stupor and finally coma the nodules in the liver are sometimes palpable.
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to increase their earnings by carefully picking out large frsgnwDt
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Pearce Gould Assistant Surgeon to University College
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Char. JSTose white tail shorter than the body thick
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at a white heat the cauterization of the helix at the moment
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