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tions to biological literature, we may conclude, then,
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0.45 grammes "606" August 31st; 0.5 grammes October
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and bionomics of protozoa in general, and treats of
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late in June or early in July will probably not be unfavor-
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attention was now more particularly directed to it, it be-
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gastric nerve, at its bulbar origin and at its cardiac
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series, and conjointly in another that the autolysis
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cent. These figures are too small to be conclusive,
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sis prior to operation was difficult and uncertain.
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not susceptible, as being possibly tuberculous, un-
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tis; 2, intumescent rhinitis; 3. hypertrophic rhinitis;
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rule markedly apathetic, and little likely to suffer
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period of from three to five days duration, contrasts
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all infections of the urinary tract in childhood. The
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was to have been opened on Saturday, but on account of
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It is a common experience to see the patient labelled Dementia
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ment of Health of the City of Chicago: Typhoid fever,
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relation to postoperative tetany described, and sur-
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illustrations are, as is usual with Scribner's, beau-
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extirpation of the uterus, and another in which re-
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vents any surprise at the item of gossip recorded by
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face tension as af„ected by the electrolytes falling
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about a central yellow pustule. These pustules were quite
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cal School and Hospital is making arrangements, on the
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Lamb. William P.. Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps.
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desired state by the exhibition of the smallest pos-
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gredients, but the ordinary consumer never troubles
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total deaths of children under five years of age numbered
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of the Convention at Ann Arbor, the Report of Local As-
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lesion on the finger. By the second day the rash had faded
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of these records; but a field investigation should also be
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occurs in a surprisingly short time after the ear be-
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cigarette, we take pleasure in reiterating that state-
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ceived artificial respiration by means of this apparatus. In reply to

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