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a hospital in Copenhagen. It was stated in the paragraph

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suggested that there were various forms of cholera, and that

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Fig. 1 represents a muscle curve taken in normal salt solu-

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water. These bacilli can live in distilled water for three months, but

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generally distinguished by the absence of the dusky appear-

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61st annual meeting, 36. 544. 767, 91^^. 1187 1341 ;

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of tlie will to ideas or emotions rather than to the intellect or imagina-

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advised, on the principle that nothing so strengthens muscles as a free

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Council can attend again. Doubtless, the previous examina-

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Inflammation of Follicles (Hair) about Vulva and Pubes.

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appeared. In it thefse gentlemen relate their experience of

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States it has been very prevalent, occurring in the majority of the States

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objected to the subjects of midwifery, gynaecology, medical

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liver watches over and regulates the proportion of sugar contained in

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as he held that the breach of the law was inadvertent.

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with the more general question of electric illumination.

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it diminishes the respirations, but has no elfect on the tem-

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There are two signs which sliould always make the surgeon

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for the convenience of members, leaving Aberdeen at 11.30

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of a too small orifice to the prepuce in young boys. I have repeatedly

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—A letter was read from the Royal College of Sur-*;

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Peripheral neuritis occurred in 28 or not quite 7 per cent., and in

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charged directly into the blood instead of flowing through ducts pro-

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body may convert part of the nitrite taken into ammonia. No

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failing function of hearing may be considerably medicated.

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In the larynx adductor paralysis has been noted by certain laryn-

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gree the first indication is to get rid of the lead. We can depend upon

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recourse to other methods, of which a modification of the

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ajt the beginning, except in alcoholics. The pulse, in contrast to ty-

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The spinal muscles, in fact, may be so weakened and aching that the

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is represented to be beneficial is by large doses of quinin, which are

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I find no record of cyanosis caused by a small single dose.

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a sufficient knowledge ot the required subjects— English,

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