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tion, I may mention Montreal, Ont., and Des Moines, la.
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come apparent. Many of these changes, whether vegeta-
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that it had its origin in a pit, and its outlet in a well, the
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by the administration of ergot, while spinal irritation is
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within the gray matter ; and anterior poliomyelitis may
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1,100 to 1,700 feet above the sea. The climate is mild
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local boils, but generally it kills by producing septicaemia.
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to dissolve the sapid substances, partly to wash them
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initial stage of scarlet fever or of measles. The violent
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Pollution op the Soil. — Having described at some
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Erb ; Article in Ziemssen's Cyclopsedia of Medicine, vol. iii.
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to that of a walnut, or larger. They are usually firm, but
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trated into, but not through, the dura mater. The tu-
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were those of the reaction of degeneration. But the
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ble binocular fusion. For the objective test, binocular vi-
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P», SBTB.— Wire Leg-splint, with Foot-piece and Horizontal
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sponding to the axis is that of greatest, and that at right
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its diseases is' very superficial and in many cases purely
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muscle upon its rim in a singularly awkward and incon-
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radic brush to the penis or vesication of its surface, as in
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grayish under the microscope and have a wavy margin.
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potassa may be mixed with lard in the proportion of six
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vious had been a very rainy one, and the ground, on
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teristic of small-pox that this symptom should cause the
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future researches give us more data to speculate upon.
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curs in acute mania, and leads, not to stuttering, but to a
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out, will be from five to eight mm. in length. The for-
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intestines are principally involved, he calls hog cholera;
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dition saving from direct contact of the concentrated

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