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since the year 1761. From these we may, with an approach to

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severe and was accompanied by vomiting. The pain began in the

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the fever, not extreme ; there was no falling out of the hair. I regret

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solid matter present in the liquor, even though the amount present is

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Legislation shall consist of three members appointed by the

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and the right 23 cm. The tricejĀ» tendon reflexes in the arms? were

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his patients that he should acquiesce in or try to live to a rule which, in the

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the gall bladder into view, but exposed the transverse colon. The divi-

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forms. The patient Avas a well -nourished, powerfully built man, thirty-eight

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found characteristic bacteria iu the cord. Curschmann found typhoid

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In these cases death resulted frequently from embolism or other complications.

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gradually diminislied, with the improvement of the general condition.

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good opportunity to appeal to all existing anti-tubercu-

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frontal and paracentral convolutions ; least of all the occipital convolutions

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staining and destaining ought to have about double the

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article on the Surgery of the Larynx and Trachea. Beginning with a

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a. Metastatic abscesses having an external suppurative focus as a point of

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He reported the case of a sea-captain, of alcoholic habits, who was subject

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go further, and to suppose that the energy expended by cortical centres

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The manner in which these peculiarities of the cells were made apparent

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audited and paid in like manner as other claims against the

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a stone might float through the entire common duct. As he makes his

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by a girl at her first menstruation for the purpose of check-

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lines of treatment will be answered in these columns.]

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only a sinus alx)ut the diameter of the little finger remained. Patient

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fluid the necessary downward impetus, the result being that there is risk of

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Family history: Mother, father, two brothers, and four sisters are

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it may be caused by irritating particles carried by means of subarachnoid

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Association, held in St. Paul last week, was memorable from

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Section C (experimental pathology). Dr. F. W. Pavy, F.R.8.;

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The cases were met with in strong, vigorous adults in private practice,

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points out the great importance of the discovery in physiology and in organo-

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the nreter. from obstruction. Intrnrcnal pain is generally

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