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chloroform was to diminish the sensibility of the air pas-

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sputum of bronchiectasis into animals without producing any

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more than iron or any other medicinal remedy. Iron, indeed, is con-

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severe pains in the bowels, and the next morning showed a heavy

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class in Lille who contracted the fever were certain legal

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thereby diminishing the pull on the walls of the cavity by its extensive

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gangrene of tiie skin and subcutaneous tissue, bullae, and peculiar

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students now have instruction in chemistry much too short

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On the motion of Sir W. Foster, seconded by Dr. Philip-

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constitutes one of the essential symptoms of Graves' disease, but this

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in the daytime. No such wretched neurasthenics are to be foxmd as

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later attack. If this should be so it points to infection of

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liquid. Professors Verneuil, Fournier, Dieulafoy, have had

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the latter may exist in high degree, as in fever, and yet the patient be

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times precedes the jaundice itself. The jaimdiced skin very often

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are either single or few in number, but they may occur in such nimibers

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acid solution in distilled water, while the edges of the eyelids should

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that when successful the dropsy may thus be very strikingly relieved

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Dr. Armstrong that port eases could or should always be

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by its rapid spread among yoimg recruits in barracks, in schools, and

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the fifiecial tenderness elicited by pressure at what is called McBumey's

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of Gya, for six months; Surgeon-Major M. A. T. Collie, Bombay Esta-

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name **chordee" is given. From infection of the prostate it may pro-

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opened, 20 bodies buried, and closed February 23rd. On Feb-

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medullary portion is developed from the sympathetic ganglia, and

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will succeed or fail according to his use of remedies. They may be

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The Board of Directors of the Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society,

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Tliere was distinct retraction below the right clavicle when

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We know that healthy individuals do not acquire glycosuria after

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appearance his arm presented was so peculiar that I had it

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