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presented, that to change of habits as regards regimen the
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IN PATIENTS UNDERGOING MAJOR SURGERY, beta-blockade impairs the ability of the
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1855 to the sum of £352,632, which, with the exception of £2000
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journal of general scope. I have in mind more than one physician
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received (December 6, 1888) a copy of the Berliner klinische
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Professor Putz * (of the Veterinary Institute at Bern) says :
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more especially the case of purpura htemorrhagica, which he
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veins, but such a tumour will almost inevitably compress the iter or the
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repeatedly administered. On some persons even small
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“In consideration of The Journal of the Medical Society of
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May, 1889, or in Tomsk in the beginning of October, may have been the
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have no need to be ashamed of the psychopathic hospital
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to the hospital because of an attack of rheumatism,
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used in the treatment of tetanus occurring in very young per-
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12:00 noon — Luncheons: NJ Medical Women’s Association; On-
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seats of the primary operation of morbific causes would be
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at the last session of the legislature provision was Miade for the
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I do not think text-books and hematologists as a rule
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Galvani's attention was attracted to so remarkable a
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among the inhabitants of David, and in the course of a fortnight one-half of
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has, in many ways, revolutionized the treatment of these
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cotton or rolled towels will prevent or minimize wetting of
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He reviewed the literature on' the subject, showing that the author-
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in noHiing, so that the midwife concluded there was no pregnancy. The patient, however,
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colloidal substance is put in until it ceases ;j Modes of Application.— Having th\xs laid
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animal looks for food. Six days later he gets uneasy, has colic
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the following terms : " That in the opinion of the Senate the time
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been injected. The immediate effects of the injection amounted to
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ejected. If the large bowel is involved, there is tenesmus,
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presented a remarkable anomaly: from the umbilicus a loop about
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a contradiction, had anyone made so silly a statement in his
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such an anastomosis. This method may be modified in many ways,
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equivalents of anti-immune bodies. E. W. Ainley Walker, in an interesting and
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diagnosis in Gl out of 76 cases, but a definite diagnosis
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instant there is an inclination for stool pinch the tube ;
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1961. Strang, John E., Byrn Mawr Med. Bldg., Bryn Mawr, Pa. (19010)
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From the lack of salient points of any local trouble,

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