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formed a thin layei- at its inner portion bordering upon

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serious form of gastric inflammation ordinarily caused

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sloughing surface. The ulcerative phase, with its crust,

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the seat of disease at some particular level rather than in

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other organs likewise favor the development of gastritis.

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a single muscle, but one whose action is somewhat com-

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cidedly more rounded in contour than the mesial angle.

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t Weismann seeraR to have overlooked this interpretation, which ap-

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and the electrical reactions remain normal. In a num-

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unfit, on account of its mineral properties, for that pur-

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the patient who dies after a great operation has fallen a

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for distinct Tision at a distance ; hence, an elderly hypermetrope requires, as a rule, two pairs of convex glasses

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sedatives, emollients, analgesics, anfesthetics, anaphro-

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Administration. — A few Senna leaves chewed every

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Prevention Act was passed, providing that no rivers or

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pils dilated, the expression of the countenance distorted,

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prompt and persistent treatment may avert the calamity

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can generally be drained by porous tiles laid outside, so

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evaporating an aqueous solution of the substance, until

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Of the .known predisposing causes, the most important

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• derness, except on deep pressure over the spine ; severe

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sulphite first formed splits into potassic sulphate and pen-

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