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an experienced gastroscopist showed a small gastric ulcer
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cases of chorea treated efficiently with sulphate of man
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probing of the ureter failed to discover any stone or other cause of
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sary by the first few inhalations of chloroform. Also in
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some dyspnea and palpitation on exertion. She showed very
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February in a twenty four hours track race at the Velodrome
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ment at various saline springs had done no good. My examination revealed no
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After delivery natural or artificial other dangers beset the woman
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Laceration of the cervix uteri and its treatment Mcil
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doses in the morning. I have seen benefit also derived from
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Intravenous Administration of Various Colloids. Arsenicals and Other Agents
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perspiration. Heat in the bowels accompanying the inclination to go to
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Bower s Glycerin and Water each two fluidounces mix.
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spinal fluid three from the blood and sixteen from the nose or throat

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