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varieties related clinically to intrathoracic goitre. Aberrant goitre is especially
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may he interpi'eted as indicating that the Ai.ive of contraction starts at
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an early period, but its accurate study began with the work of Glisson on
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three adult skeletons studied by Breus and Kolisko' its dimensions were:
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This may be related to the fact that they often leave the tongue out, after
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from the kidney, while if this is not possible a presumptive diagnosis may be
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Marie was the first to give a clear clinical picture of achondroplasia in the
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able to satisfy himself that compression of the en-
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sis which is snpp.irted hy the parallelism Let ween the effects observed
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but it cannot be supposed that the causes of any of the well-known infectious
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which vision was much improved by thyroid treatment. Deafness is a
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Course and Outcome. — Simple thyroiditis usually subsides in a few days
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In lie inodnced in the lilood at the hcjiinnin^ of the aorta, thus tendiud
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William Babington, M.D. F.R.S. PRESIDENT; Aldermanhury.
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and tuberculous forms have an especially chronic character. At present,
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groups: the hypoplastic, the malactic, and the hyperplastic groups.
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ease made rapid progress under its use; and the best that can be said is that
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to autopsy, some of the organs showed an attempt at normal development
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The outlook in a given case often depends much on the intelligence of the
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and has recurred with tne paroxysms. The relation between true Ray-
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soft and puffy, which pits deeply, and which has a bluish white tint. In
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into a lifaneh of the saphenous vein. Activity was produced liy throw-
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p|...ssi..ii of fm./iusr point A is .^n.ater than w.Mihl 1... espi'd...! fn.m th..
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when stones form. The fault may be one mainly of the liver, still the liver
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six generations — these are questions for which we have as yet no answer.
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Tliese few eonditions wliiidi may modil'y tlie direction of tlio osmotic
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-lilViisihl,. sul.sta,i,.,.s .I{,,h,l,. . AltlM.UL'h ami,,., a, -Ms .-an tliiis l,.< s, ,
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and again when it was eight and one-half months of age. During this
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rejection under ordinary policy forms. In any event, the most careful
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streptococci. If there b any doubt as to the conmtion of the tonsils, it is

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