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third phalanx and the horny sole, is not subjected to any appre-

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thing of the past with us. Splenic-fever is being driven to narrow confines ;

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and put in force August 20th. These rules divided the State into

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stronger, and more durable than geldings or mares of the same

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provided by the library rules or by special arrangement with

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movements of the abdominal wall. The chronic ascites

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Dr. James Law will contribute to the discussion of the subject of '' Meat-

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of the anti vivisection bill now pending before the Senate. Motion seconded

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countries,'' making it appear as though the degree of activity of a

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through the specimens are small nests of epithelial cells in glandular

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practicable. Even in case of stenosis of the small intestine, however, the

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tube containing the culture medium. A glass rod, which has been

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dog it contains no food, but a mixture of indigestible foreign

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mineral acids, be used, a pledget of cotton on a forceps or stick

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animal, and immediately after 5, 10, 20 c.c. of the serum on the

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keep the cattle and stalls clean, white-washing the latter frequently ;

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served each day by the veterinarians of Philadelphia to all those in attend-

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patient breathes deeply and rather rapidly during the whole procedure,

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1896, were reported before this body last year. These experiments

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grow at a temperature 9° F. higher than before, should we not be

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neurosis of the solar plexus, and affections of the abdominal aorta; (4)

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remembered that the products supplied as emetin hydro-

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The first authority on medicine in China was the Emperor Chen Long,

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of the session's work, and expressed the hope that an increased measure of

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lent serum is inoculated under the skin of the trunk, of the head

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rient apoplexy. If a thermometer be employed, it is usually found

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fiber and elastic tissue, but only a very scanty supply of nerve tissue,

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Vermont; Daniel Allen, Chesley, Ont. : Arthur E. Atwood, Somerville,

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