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fuel and fat-producers. The best flour for eating should con-
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The latter is also true of schoolgirls and boys, who are subjected to
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form is due to the meningococcus intracellularis, discovered by Weich-
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the victim of gotit is the victim of abnormal metabolism.
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conditions present, or likely to occur if the case be of a severe grade,
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that these infectious processes damaged the circulation by a paralysis
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foration almost never occurs; but, as previously pointed out, aphasia is
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the Frost King in September. They are of various colors
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panied by heat, itching, and tenderness. By the tenth day this may ex-
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chitis ; in gonorrhoea, prostatitis, periproctitis ; in obstinate or bloody
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stages of the disease. The case is very different in an old and cured
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insects and fungi, and to rehabilitate it, it has become neces-
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by Brand, show that, while from 1849 to 1866 the mortality among
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small, we have fermentation and putrefaction going on with
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dering at night, though active delirium is rare. Tdches cerebrales may
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to the cold-water faucet and the patient vigorously sprayed until the
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ate and painstaking exposition of the influence of cutaneous irritants
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remained for Losch, and especially Kartulis, to shoAV its close associa-
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(keratitis, conjunctivitis, eczema of the scalp or face, nasopharyngeal or
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ward; use the upper ligature to tie the canula in place, and
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hopeless in this direction, but oh, what a cruel fate was that
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makes a 1''/'^ solution of Ai}otliesine ill Adrenalin 1: IiHI.oiki. \'i:ils
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We must assume in these cases the existence of certain peculiarities of
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Occasionally I have found it necessary when the temperature was
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The sheet anchor in diagnosis is tact. Do not jump at con-
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Musa sapientum, the plantain is Musa paradisiaca. We buy
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and pulmonary abscess, pyemia secondary to the latter, broncho-pneu-
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hemorrhage, and in scurvy by the lesions of the gums. The absence of
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slept in the pack. In three months the frequency and intensity of the attacks
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and on the adjacent mucous membrane. Frequently other micro-organ-
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continuous local stimulant, producing cutaneous tonic hypersemia, and
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stools (in about 50 per cent, of the cases), the urine (Wright and Semple),
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was always personally popular with them. Several years
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moderu cults uuworthv of mention in this presentation, but for
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on the part of physician, patient, nurse, and all the help
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no longer be available for the use of physicians. Where would
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in Strasser's cases was decidedly higher on the days of large N excre-
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chill the temperature rises rapidly, so that in ten or twelve hours it mav
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have been made in recent times are contained in a paper* presented to
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])oints, unchallenged and unmolested — given the freedom of the
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After these wines come champagnes of many kinds and

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