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this innovation by the demand for male nurses that comes to
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case that I saw, an ovarian cyst, which developed when the patient
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so that several shall coalesce, and form a cavity of some extent.
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acteristic. They show a peculiar granulation, thickest in the centre,
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breast-milk, or its equivalent, in the twenty- portion of the abscess cavity being clearly
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the silver tube is inserted into the canali- Q^ily to temporary betterment but, after
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not it been for the frequent use of the thermometer, and in just these
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rate of 150. Doubtless a deep secondary abscess had
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tance which syphilis plays in the etiology of the disease.
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tion of various kinds ; undoubtedly, the emotional ic-
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a grain to one grain to the ounce of distilled water.
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scarlet fever the angina assumes characteristics so severe,
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deep furrows that crossed each other at short intervals.
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by-law be enacted in its place, viz. : — " In case of life members
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derivatives, produces rest without the least reaction. DANIEL'S
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is elimination of excrementitious principles from the blood. The fluid
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sons who had not acute rheumatism. He got unsatisfactory results from
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mistaken notions of the proper objects of our inquiries. Of the
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the organ is common enough. The change to which I now advert,
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The clinical features of the case suggested that it was one of
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in the diagnosis. The gastric digestion is poor, the appetite generally impaired
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oxidules nor soluble oxids, neither acid nor non astringent taste. It does not actinjur-
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beer drinker ; neither does beer alone ever produce de-
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After the baby is three months old, it niny occasionally be treated to a
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lumbar disease were seen. The peripheral segment of
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is neither one nor the other, and further, that if it possess a
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(Rosson CL, Tolle SW: Management of marine stings and scrapes. West J Med 1989 Jan; 150:97-100)
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or musical murmur speaks with some probability for the existence of
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is heard down the spine along the course of the aorta. It is

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