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quently occur for a few nights in succession, the child during the daytime

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gastrium before eating, but food usually produces a sensation of fulness,

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nosis should be guarded until evidence of the latter disease has been re-

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sium citrate may be exhibited within the twenty-four hours ; sometimes

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of the joint interference with function is prone to precede the develop-

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theory of mechanical dysmenorrhoea, but adapts his practice to it,

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pperated, making a Y incision, removing a minnie ball, the base of

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life. A cerebral hemorrhage very often in the child causes a convulsion,

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limitation of the process to the body of the testicle, and in the cus-

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of the child of the rich parents involve the improper feeding of its less

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is produced, until the reservoir is exhausted. Thus all the difficulties

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ably beyond its borders. The overlying skin eventually becomes livid

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Oculo-Motor Paralysis. Dilatation of the pupil, ptosis or dropping

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period of weeks, the clots often becoming encapsulated at the bottom

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calculus not larger than a pea is often the only calculus present. Per-

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let fever the hemorrhages are more general, and precede the affections of

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eruption ; often, however, the constitutional disturbances do not subside

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hemorrhage, the latter is so slight as not to be of practical importance.


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Organs of Special Sense. In the prodromic stage of locomotor

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of the congenital epileptic diathesis. This diathesis is probably also the

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cated by the majority of modern writers, who, though in no respect

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mellaril and thorazine are examples of

kidneys ; asparagus-points, fine herbs, parsley, truffles or mushrooms,

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the bacillus of tuberculosis, the presence of which is to be suspected if

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it has been performed, has l)een saved." Chelius says : " Of the cases

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tubercular pleurisy may be suppurative both in children and in adults,

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ing in bronchiectasis, emphysema, and fibrous pneumonia. It includes

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bone-marrow, whence the term myelocyte. These cells have no amoeboid

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is a diminished secretion of uric acid, while the blood contains an excess

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ing, and tent life in this region afford the best obtainable chance of

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Catalngue of Medical Books. For sale by William Wood & Co., Publishers, BookseUers

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ration, with all of which your readers — some of them at least — are

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strength. Even under these circumstances it should be recognized that

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pulse is rapid, compressible, and of diminished volume. The tempera-

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lity of the tissueB. Whatever the caiae, however, the fbrmation of

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istics. He also asserts that in chronic articular rheumatism the joints

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