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York River ; thence southeasterly along the boundaries of James City and York counties

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article says, “furnished a framework for the formation

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teric glands were similarly affected, especially those of the ileocecal

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Federal inspectors at Chicago have not been as close as is desirable. This defect Jias

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taken had been inoculated for forty-five days and showed a luxuriant

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association with any case of poliomyelitis there or elsewhere.

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stating that such animals are free from any contagious or Infectious diseases and have not

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The regulations prescribed that a veterinary inspector should be

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ing some rarefaction. Between this original cortex and the outer layer

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under the cover and replacing the air in the chamber by hydrogen and

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will disable any machine and, so, too, will “burned

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were perfused together an effect similar to that obtained when muscle

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of 8emi-6olld yellowish material; its cayity is considerably reduced, the

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market. The farmers made an effort to get rid of their fat hogs and

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prior to hospital entry. He then became irritable, com-

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high carbohydrate, low fat diet. He improved and was

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ing to the premises of such establishment shall, whether they are used or not, be main-

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voice. The pulse was 90. At operation (January 8, 1896) such an

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esty of innumerable impartial observers and investigators. Those

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results, that the parts be placed in the preserving fluid before they

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Government inspection in our face is equivalent to " Bee how uncle Sam makes us be

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movement be present, its direction is noted. By slight modification of the

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No. 212 m o series of monrcrgey from Parke^ Davis & Co.

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ical Center. (Confirmed diagnosis and hospitalization.)

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10:00 a. m. Medical Aspects, Alphonse McMahon, M.D., St. Louis.

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such a high position in the hearts of the people of

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These organizations, for example, represent the Amer-

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None of the foci found in the lymph glands gave any evidence of

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(10) intussusception, (11) pyloric stenosis, (12) volvulus. The following are

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assistance in these matters, and not only revokes the Federal quaran-

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