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the actual mortality is higher among females. That in

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the conclusion of the writer reached from observation of the

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older children that in infants a diagnosis between croupous

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blankets that however restless and uneasy he is. it forms one

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tion was performed and the mass was found to be a dermoid

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Future by Dr. Lucas Championniere of Paris. Next comes

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Operatioas. Report of Sixty Cases of Pus Tube Without a Death O.

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ally become popular. Many persons suffering from hemorrhages

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to exercise traction upon sutured patella by means of weights.

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stances it may assume the form of temporary aphasia. On ac

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of magnesia may be employed in the early stages. Quinine is of no

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course of the disease is usually chronic but instances have been

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sis locally within the maternal organs or metastasizes into

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Bacillary croupous or diphtheritic dysentery begins with intense

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means of applying the adhesive strips could be adopted than to

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Hospital. The name of one of Chicago s best known surgeons

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It was also believed until recently that the growth was

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moting bowel and kidney functions to begin with. The admin

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cases of cyst reported these conditions have been far from con

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The author of this work has presented the profession with a manual

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Severe Case of Scarlet Fever Treated with Normal Blood

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a three year post graduate course certificates to be given upon

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indicated when heavy deep breathing becomes evident.

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smears should be prepared from this sediment stained in

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of the disease. Her jaws were clenched and her case has been

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from the appearance of the primary sore and lasts about two years

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as to capacity function and elasticity. The consolidated area

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not announced. None such has as yet been perfected. The

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Dr. Knox in closing said that there were some cases of

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accordance with the interpretations of the principles of

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decrease in the operative mortality and with the single excep

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at Ilbeshausen Hess. Hills dales and virgin forests combine to

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tion takes place and this is accompanied by no coloration

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injury. Both ears were badly discolored and around the back

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in the early stage is most useful. Continuous creosote inhalations

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