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and brandy, the patient was not a little comforted, and his passage
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of his business, for which he took quinine without lying up. Pre-
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On payment of express charges a bottle will be sent to
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-culars expatiating on the use of the Hypophosphltes or Digestive, thus educating
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zowski expresses himself in favonr of the instillation of solution
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both the migratory and stationary plans. These might, perhaps, be easily
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their cause has been removed; and while I cannot help insisting
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diarrhoea. "When hsemorrhage occurred he found active
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have found it a very good rule to reilect a been the cause of much thought and anxiety
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Rabbits inoculated subcutaneously with o. i c. c. of a bouillon cul-
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the benefit, many will believe that the perception of the object in
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rating influence on the production of warmth in the rest of
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medium or light attacks of such diseases as effects are induced only by hemorrhage from
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consisting of a drachm and a half of chloroform, intimately mixed
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even after convalescence appears to have been fully established. The
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of the thuya to two teaspoonfuls every three hours, and gave in
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tion, but the result of personal observation; not prejudice, but
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filtration than after general anesthesia, strikes against the under surface of the dia-
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can be assumed, and the more advanced the as to hours for sleep, as to dress, and as to
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liquorice sufficient to make into a paste. The principal agent is
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14. That in the earlier periods of valvular disease, murmur
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disease is a rise of temperature which in cattle rarely exceeds
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Cases 4, 5, 21 and 32 had involvement of The patient was never strong. She had
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manner, for the 24 hours, just five times as much as half a drop-
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powerful cat I administered by hypodermic injection ^ of a grain
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suspicion or fear he mingles inseparably the realities of the
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In some of the supposedly different species the segments are
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in man are of much importance to the veterinary surgeon.
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concerning the earh' symptoms of acute diphtheria and those
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and these measures were continued for six weeks. On the 15th
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we may be enabled to trace the coincident evideuces of
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in 1S54 and Australia received the contagion with an English
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Veterinary Journal, London. Vol. XLVII. (1898). p. 147.
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came there from Greenville — ran the block- They smuggled under the bed-clothes a child
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