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vesicle forming the pus of the vesicle. These infiltrate the cutis
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The next meeting will be held at Ennis April th and
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days. Profiting by the experience gained in the first case
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On February th the society was addressed by Judge S. J.
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tion followed by an increased secretion of a transparent mucus after
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The Import of Salivary and Nasal Secretions in Hay
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condition is the result of some disturbance in the innervation
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Prognosis. The dtiration is usually about two weeks and the
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Prognosis. The outlook is favorable except in alcoholics puer
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tion. Autopsy revealed perforation and diffuse peritonitis.
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In the management of these cases it is the first object on the
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Diagnosis. Tetanus is distinguished from hydrophobia by its
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