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will clearly illustrate how much injustice is done to the
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physicians and surgeons examining tables and operating tables of solid oak at
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In infants this greasy coating is met with, in particular, in the
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of foods. It is now almost universally -applied to prevent decomposition
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in Bright*s disease, and after the administration of pilocarpine,
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coincides with an acute exacerbation of infection, e. g. a severe
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act well as a diuretic not only in cardiac dropsy but in
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symptoms; the birds appear dull, are poor, may have diarrhea;
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lies, and insoluble in hydrochloric acid. 4. Heated on platinum wire in a
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Fig. 2 shows postdischarge survival and readmission-
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played by Nicholas Zwang, Kervin Mack, and Sirena Hsieh — go off in search of miss-
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must depend upon the size and elasticity of the vibrating mass. The length of a
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again as she was worse. Mouth differently sore, the ulcers had
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administer hypodermic injections of antistreptococcic
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sible, the example of the rich in the matter of meat
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We have seen that a cerebral abscess is very larcly primaiy and
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The lecturer adduces many striking facts, proving: most clearly the influence
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points of the vertebral column several elevated lines were appa-
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and free of any undue sensibility, heat, or fulness. I fully coincided in
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which ran their course without any fever whatever. The histories
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already reduced by some chronic ailment, frequently
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in consequence of inflammation of the fauces and epiglottis ; but
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The previous attacks in the present ease are said to iiave

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