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You remember the winter's surfeit of lectures for the mass of students, the summer's surfeit of recitations for the better third buy of the whole school, the lack of opportunities for laboratory work, the lack of due order and progression in the arrangement of studies, the brief attendance at hospitals, the hasty, oral, private examination for the degree. With reasonable care school work should not cause cause strain of the eyes or entail the risk of exaggeration of their visual defect.

It requires in all cases that the child's life shall be saved at the expense of the mother's, and that, therefore, whenever the child cannot be bom alive through the natural channels, every endeavor must be made by the accoucheur to obtain the consent of the woman to a Csesarean section, without which, however, hydrochloride the operation cannot be performed. Robert for Cooper Scholarship yVward For expressing serious interest in the field of Oncology For all-around ability ani interest in Pediatrics For excellence in the field of Surgery For aptitude and devotion to the field of Fomily Practice For outstanding work in internal Aledicine For the senior who embodies Dr.


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