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brain wcro irroatly distoiulod with a semi-opaque fluid, havini; a pus-
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Spiiitwi, pi, Spirifus. — Spirits are alcoholic solutions of
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Properties. — Minute, grayish - white, shining, acicular
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prisoned by the natives in the Black Hole of Calcutta, which was
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that Arlt, now in Vienna, irives in his haiid-hook the best dcscri|)tion,
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"whether taken in a soluble or insoluble state. The chemical
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of alcohol ; in 13.59 parts of boiling water, and in 3.25 parts
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hemostatique de Monsel, Fr.; basisclischewefelsaures eisen-
methocarbamol high 750 mg— H. & C, =1. (30.) ; D., ■ ss.-i. (2.-4.).
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On proceeding to remove the right lung, firm pleuritic adhesions
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to prevent all ingress of air. From this latter accident, however, I
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Constituents. — 1, the active principle is kosin or koussin,
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and with the assistance of our mutual friend, Dr. Graham Weir.
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briefly as possible. I cannot dwell on scientific details, inasmuch as
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quite liquid and contained much mucus and during passage were
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canine, and made its escape just in front of the ear. And still a
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secondary importance; and fortify the vital powers for the final
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may cause by corroding, soiling or rendering unserviceable the linen
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lighted a bronchitis, to which in a chronic form she had long been
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much injected. No eflusiou into the cavity of the abdomen. Liver
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and anterior parts of the nasal cavity, endow it with a high degree
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The flower heads of Arnica montana Linne (nat. ord^
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the motor nerves. Keflex excitability is thus lessened.
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It is well known that Eastern people oppose having animal oils
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Dr. L.iWRE.NCE had been in the habit of relying upon Fowler's solu-
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Action Interned. — Epsom salt is the best purgative for
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At the post-mortem examination the pulmonary artery, from the bi-
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sies which were originally dry ; tinally, they arc converted into adhe-
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into animal nucleoalbumin, as found in the various cells of
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came into Finley General Hospital May 8th, 18G3, with gun-shot
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brown, glossy, and containing a single, flattish, oval, glossy,
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3'oung. Bromide of ammonium is a white prismatic salt, becoming
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Emetics, or the stomacli pump, should be used in case
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water, and in color resembled the lungs in the third stage of pneumo-

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