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dens more rapidly than starch, requiring from four to five

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3. Suppubativi: Fbvek — Pyemia. — The characteris-

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starch, sago, and tapioca cooked with eggs and milk,

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assume a more severe character as the inflammation ex-

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' American Journal of the Medical Sciences, April, 1883.

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are difiicult of digestion, either because not easily pene-

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ganism, was at first cautious in assigning to it its full

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The latter symptom is probably found in proportion aa

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Diplegia facialis (bilateral facial paralysis) could only

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Sodic acetate hardly merits the foregoing detailed de-

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should maintain a quarantine hospital, near the small-

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the acetabulum of the hip-joint, being very shallow and

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The disease .always begins in the lower limbs, usually

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years. These are " sleeping girls," and fasting girls.

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peraesthesia and various ■ parsesthesiBe of the skin are

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is completely volatilized" (U. S. Ph.). Precipitated sul-

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with the eyes shut, the degree of contraction of the mus-

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climates. This difficulty has been solved by the expe-

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army, had already stated that the puriform mass in the

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Fig. 3476. — Proces-=' of the Widnes Alkali Co., for Deodorizing the Contents of Sewers, by forming and mixing with them (as made) Permanganate of

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rod, R, by which it may be lifted out when it is neces-

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they are applicable in certain cases of insufficiency of

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normal mixed saliva ; but in some places, as in the

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sessed good vision, that when they began to squint it

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very commonl}' used ointment for the treatment of the

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no longer has any effect upon the gland-secretion, al-

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servation that the nitrites, which quickly dilate the arte-

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last account ; the pain and stiffness in the back are still

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arteries, with cerebral raal-nutrition. 2. The diseased

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