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great majority of insane ones as well. The object and hope of all

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by Dr. Roger an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Medicine.

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and safety. He is the high priest who enters into the most sacred

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blood with the fons et origo mail may lead to an aggravation of

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ferred to this institution as well as all those who might develop

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University and instructing the Board of Regents of the State

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ly with his own professional needs. Economy should not be

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Case. The child began to show evidences of illness a few

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animals taken showed no evidence in the urine of bacteria which

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Professor von Hansemann s figures were practically identical with

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often are we confronted with these trying cases and how difficult

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the subacute and chronic varieties may be prolonged for a year or two

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thorough investigation of the muscle thermal pain and tactile

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reveals sensitive spots. The evacuations have an unusually sour

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those which Mr. Idris has attributed to the dispensing of drugs

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time that mobilization at seat of injury should cease and ab

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with diarrhea and general malaise. When called found tempera

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being agitated by certain men in the State. Several members

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this would relieve him. Dr. Dawson was called in and rec

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conference committee. The Senate will probably accept the

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total number was fifty two. Major Penton says he hopes that

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hours of labor among our shop women in cramped positions work

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whether the modified course resulted from the primary vaccina

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not so large as we would expect. In other words the

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method and even the anatomical region attacked are identical

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should be used in the care of his own face and hands. The

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must be governed by the character of the escharotic. Where it

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fact he bases his claim for its employment in medical therapeutics.

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after idleness. Nor is the alternative theory entirely free from

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