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tissue. The knife, which should be small though strong,
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may he said to represent our present knowledge on this
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seems to be located along the entire course of the nerve.
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ately below. Into these mixers there passes at the same
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tic, and is an indication of the extension of tlie gangrene
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to produce efficient alvine evacuations. A. seidlitz powder
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upon as one of the most valuable agents in treatment.
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of lukewarm water, preceded by a laxative enema. Laud-
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stored , absorption fa-cilitated and stagnation prevented.
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The appendages to the skin, the glands and hair, are
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are not white enough, repeat the whole process again, but
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When practicable, cider may be added to the dietary, and
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the diagnosis from the speech alone. It should be re-
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1 Chaucer : The Wif of Bathes Tale. Canterbury Tales, v., 6785.
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assurance of aid and support may brighten hope. Argu-
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course of suppurative panophthalmitis, prior to rupture
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general, with such remedies as are specially indicated by
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The hinged door, C, permits the removal of the pails. It
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may extend from a few months to twenty years or more.
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tion of the kidneys, hypertrophy and other diseases of
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