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the colon, is it better to do a transverse colostomy or a

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extensor and flexor aspect of forearms, on back of left hand, on the neck, and a

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only man I envied was Dr. Brodie, the retiring Presi-

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Hypertrophic Osteo-Arthropathy, in a Child of Six (Plates VIII. and

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porter attempted to follow him, but the patient became faint, and

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ment. That man is bold who will do this, as Koch did, when

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rations Fathologiqves des Liquides de V Organism e.'^'' Paris, 1859.

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dose ; at least, in the great majority of cases. The larger

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pulse was reduced in frequency, and Dr. Nevins had not observed that

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months, ending April, 1865. It is safe to affirm, therefore, that

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recognized as making a very strong committee for the

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of the pyloric end up to twenty minutes or so after the food had been

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be communicated to parts where the skin is broken, and

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tires from the chair of diseases of children, which he held in the

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of the University of the City of New York in 1861, and soon

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Copper, Nitrate of. — Saturate nitric acid with copper;

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kept warm in cool weather and cool in warm weather, an

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mercury, tannin, bichloride of mercury, and boric acid. The oldest and

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applying plaster jackets to patients while lying on a

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increasing restlessness sets in so that he tosses about

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the subject of an editorial in some medical journal.

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It was presumed ascites was the cause of hepatic dullness extending

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which unwholesome emanations could arise, by providing a more

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examples are seen in walking, as the affected arm generally hangs inertly

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tJiem back into iKvinatupa, with its imnumbered woes and dan-

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brane is brittle and easily injured, and its resistance to bacterial

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motor mechanism. Some recent observations have, however,

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manipulations by pressure ^'gentle knocks applied alter-

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exude from the infiltrated tissue or the cut ends of the bronchi. On micro-

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