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after a few weeks so that he was able to control his bladder.
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Baltimore, April 16. The following officers were elected : Dr.
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operation, viz., between attacks, when there is least inflamma-
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from the post-anal region. This one had no connection with
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varied from fifteen minutes to one-half hour; and the
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6. Total Extirpation of Thyroid Gland. 6. F. Cott, Buffalo.
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struction," "Surgical Anatomy," "Operative Surgery," and the
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long as there are no indications of suppuration in the genital
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intensely. It was curious to remark that the eruption
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ton; vice-president for Middle Tennessee, Dr. J. B. Murfree,
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Amebican Medical Association, have been practically made.
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April 13, is responsible for the following: It is related that
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The diffusion and locality of primal appearance are
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affect it.' The amount of exogenous uric acid depends on two
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will ensure against this, but accuracy of treatment in early
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gastric contents is the functional diagnosis. Errors of judg-
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Dr. Charles S. Bacon said that it is fairly well established
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Prevention is' given precedence over cure. Education
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the skin perfectly, and sprinkle the gauze with water
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of the etiology of tubercular joint disease in gen-
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Philippines : Manila, March 8-16, 10 cases, 8 deaths.
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may have been dependent upon invasion of the superior parietal
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as attendants at the exhibit and also give an attractive series
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his guard. Of course the detection of chorionic villi
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