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creating an imaginary world from the reminiscences of the past, or the
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The climate, although not possessing, some of the advantages of the
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soon found that few, if any, of these tests could be relied upon.
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minor sixth. That man should be able to measure with certainty such minute portions
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the factor of moisture cannot be separated from other factors, especially
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bacillus seems to produce much the same results whether it be injected
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Dr. Rankin, Officiating Secretary of the Medical Board of Calcutta,
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action ; but even when bacteriological evidence is negative, the mere fact
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calf suffering from enteric fever), it is not easy to produce a disease in
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suspicion in our minds that in cholera we are dealing with more than one
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that of the rest of the skeleton : they do not exhibit the independence
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in the diseasedvalves, showed the presenceof two bodies — aproteid(proto-
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obtain a proteid body from the same source, which produces tuberculin
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Treatment. — In order to prevent the further formation of furuncles
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