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manifestation, while ataxia is a late one. The prognosis is
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the subject of this disease. The title would answer equally well for
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The latter determines the number, and so far as practicable, thi
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undoubted fact that, even in cases showing slight evening fever, the pulse-
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ingly, was disposed to be over-tjuerulous by reason of
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trophic changes in the bones, joints, or cutaneous structures. The muscles
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other disease. We have read with more or less inter-
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1. Siler, J. F., Garrison, P. E., and MacNeal, W. J. : Pellagra — A Summary
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Dr. Praeger: I have seen cases where the infection came from conditions
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he would burn his coat, as he was standing by the fire ; the last words he ever
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are called hj anatomists lions succenturiati. They are generally
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no one had the slightest suspicion that it was any-
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ing it, and swaying its course, and the iron steamer,
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added to the inflammation. Pain, with the characters just described, is almost
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present in the urine. Absolute milk diet was prescribed for two months. A second

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