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Dr. Jacob S. West, of Texas, is quoted as reporting two instancesr
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rapidly regenerates the nervous tissue, while it transforms in re-
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Eugene Nelson VanDyke. Renova, Pa. 828 N. Broadway.
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2. Some facts about Ophidians and Anti ophidic Treatment. Vollmer,
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services in the investigation and the suppression of yellow fever.
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of the Ear, Nose and Throat Department, for a large benign tumor
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is, its weak and its strong points. You have been told the parts
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was clothed in corset waist, white ribbed undervest
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and occasionally beneath the pia in the outer edge of the molecular
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abscess following appendicitis. In this case the abscess first formed
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body. Blood, liver, milk (colostrum), muscle, gastric juice,
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A. B., Johns Hopkins University, 1888, and Ph.D., 1891; Professor of Natural
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this fund facilities are further afforded to students to study tuber-
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M. D., Albany Medical College, 1905 ; Pathologist, Albany Hospital, and Bacteri-
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4 All such claims arising in suits involving the collection of
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sible dust flying about ; yet these rooms are filled with a certain
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Thrice weekly throughout the year. In the former the gen-
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1909 ; Visiting Pathologist, Presbyterian Hospital and Professor of Pathology,
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With reference to the frequency of multiple sclerosis, well-
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tory, and include six units in medicine (including pediatrics)
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admission to the School, and all non-academic questions of discipline
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The folio wing . new members were elected: Drs. E. L. Felts,
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with the problems of dietetics, etc., involved in such work.
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Laidlaw, George F., M.D. The Value of Homoeopathy to the Internist 705
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* Sectional Address delivered before the American Institute of Homoeopathy at Pittsburgh,
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healthful sleep from which the patient awakes refreshed and in pos-
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has also given the sum of $17,500 for the provision of the increased

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