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due to the presence of saccharose. Schumm and Hegler^° conclude that
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that stricture of the male urethra is accepted as usually
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dren of the ages of eight to ten years are excellent subjects,
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several cases of Graves's disease with relation to the question
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clinical and pathological experience. (See an analysis of cases seen
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circulates, and when carried into the capillary pulmonary ar-
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having a cough, her father applied at the London Hospital,
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army and navy stationed at Malta and Gibraltar. All authorities
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two patients presented, in this respect, a most striking contrast. One,
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ing to enter a mass of broken glass, the sharp spicules of which readily
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more or less during life. Individuals thus affected, however,
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mentioning a case of the tubular type, and stating that the con-
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methods of spirocheticidal therapy, instances of so called reinfection
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right intercostal spaces where the aneurism involved the ascending
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nervorum opticorum. Arch. f. path. Anat. [etc.], Berl.,
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ditions, apparently so dissimilar, depend upon the atonic
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