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of degeneration loss of reflexes and the absence of anesthesia
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proportion to the intensity of the fever and the catarrhal processes
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weeks to as many months and a very grateful patient is almost
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of the femur through the tear. An open operation was
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l r J. V. Dozier of Winfield has moved to M enardville
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could always be brought out by kneading the tumor with the
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The Vienna Academy of Sciences has conferred the Lieven
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ful affection is due to an arthritic diathesis. In spite of the
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the region of the epigastria difficult resDiration and often
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Mittus are described as of a red brown color like the soil upon
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to general practitioners in the postgraduate school.
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of sanitation. That the evidence from Egypt proves that
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thanks be given the Secretary Treasurer for his services in
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gestion and proper distribution of plastic material. No stereo
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the end so as to enclose the column of liquid in the capillary
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protests against the adoption of said amendment for many
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importance to the public than the knowledge gained by experi
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cines. It is beyond all reason that the inventive genius of Ameri
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recent meeting of the Vienna Academy of Medicine Professor
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time for the serum to act. In the remaining six cases the
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recently discovered in a herd of cattle at Wakefield Mass.
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apt to be present in the abnormal and mole formations in
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ties and when in the stomach a considerable proportion is
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of an ice bag to the chest and the administration of morphine gr.
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ments are adjusted. In simple fractures of the lower limb all
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the many peculiar instruments used in laryngology rhinology
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health has long been established but that is one of the things
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This emotion possesses an entirely peculiar character and belongs
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selves today in a positon where we must say Good bye and
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centimeters two inches. He then resected the second costal
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the map. I am sure where doctors have trouble they are needlessly
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After many years of research this investigator has succeeded in
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chirurgical Transactions under the name of autumnal catarrh.

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