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perience and practice to apply this bandage successfully. The
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In the treatment of chronic diarrhea I find that most of my
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spoonful of Epsom salt was given every other day. The nour
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complete separation of tumor from kidney tissue by a
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Academie des Sciences Professor Robert Koch who was
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ginning as many cases terminating disastrously are due to lack of
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ministration of one teaspoonful of magnesium sulphate every
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ness on percussion being the most important ones. The
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the white corpuscle curve than in the case of adults.
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is necessary as in syphilis of a malignant type or iritis. In
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times until the pain subsides. Sodium salicylate though not so
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spection of the schools showed considerable improvement in
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The following State Senators elected in will hold office
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to F. S. Cullen Journal of the American Medical Association
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gain during the past year. The financial report shows
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ridge said that cancer had always seemed to her to be the
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A Clinical Contribution to the Knowledge of Tubercu
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For many reasons any schedule intended for general adop
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for it sometimes produces noises in the ears and other toxic symp
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and facilitating drunkenness by putting a tax on alcohol for
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Status Praesens. Emaciated dark complexioned man facies
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and then eight more after a brief interval. The total injected was
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ism a love of rapid locomotion which must find its sources of
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Causes. The disease is believed to be of infectious origin but
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the inflammatory products are absorbed by first undergoing a fatty
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pelvic veins when they become infected and thrombotic is worthy
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But some will point to the marvelous cases of cures claimed by

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