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Beneath, at foot, lie the glutinous turnip, the sugary beet ;

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the insertion of the words, " I first saw her or him," and " I


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up, together with detachments of Transport and other corps

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groom, and two of the three maidservants in my house. The

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would combine with sufficient sulphuretted hydrogen to

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of Tobago, in recognition of the promptitude and independence of their

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Council to direct inquiries to be made as to the standard of

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judge, there is a specially dangerous policy in vogue at pre-

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negotiation of their own county councils such matters as

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Swiss or German railways after tlie frontier line is passed.

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and communicated with the police. Although the matter

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in a lady's bonnet is the crowning beauty of an egret mother. The

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Guy's Hospital; A Osborne. St Thomas's Hospital ; R. S. Osborr e,

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whose service he was e.rterne. M. Jarel, director of the

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whole assets of the College to the University Court on con-

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culture, and of singular personal charm ; in him the profes-

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may seem expedient." The resolution was Fcconded Iiy Mr, H. A. Nesbitt

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lesions not peculiar to the disease, though many organs are

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and indefensible prejudice, can much longer delay this very

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vomiting had been attributed) was at present uncertain. In

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After fourteen months immunity influenza again retui^fifeA

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Kantz wi-ites : A. and B. are medical practitioners; u., D., and E. are

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when a recommendation on the subject was made to the then

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settled at Aldershot after only one year's service in India.

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Mh. Hopwood rose to call attention to the law making vacci-

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evidence. It is true that Dr. Klein, in his experiments on

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a blood state, are produced through chemical agency,

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sents. Surely even he knows that the only modern hint

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being due to the irritation being conveyed by the plirenic to

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mentary Bills Committee of the British Medical Association,

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opinion that the establishment of two universities would

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Registrar of the College, for his distinguished services in con-

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the medical stalf," the latter received in the current year over ±;3, 348,

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small space a good account of the climate of Margate; its

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â– elimination by the urine, there must be equally two opposing

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sideration will make clear to us that the dragging open of the

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gave one to two, but Sann6, on the other hand, made an actual

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satisfied, his certificate should be accepted by the registrar,

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however, to such modifications as may be necessary. It is laid down

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